2020 Winners & Finalists

2020 Winner

Musician Profile

Shannon Harrington

Ocean County

Song Title
Gonna Be Drug Free

2020 Finalists

Aarush Rompally

Morris County

Song: Here For You

Al'adra Gibson, Mecca Gibson, Nasir Crawford


Essex County

Song: Dont be

Angie and Sophie


Ocean County

Song: "Drifting"

Daniel Velez

Camden County

Song: I Met this Girl

Denise Crigger

Middlesex County

Song: Mama

Faith Ali

Camden County

Song: Not Enough

Jocelyn Morales, Emma Shaw, Sarah Levin, Maggie Waldron, & Lexi Thibodeau

MK Sophomore Vocal Academy

Morris County

Song: Make the Choice

Kiersten Daley

Kat D

Ocean County

Song: Can I

Luke Mattessich

Morris County

Song: The Fever

Nicole Pinnella

Monmouth County

Song: One Night

Rachel Bondar

Camden County

Song: You Can Survive

Sawini Sunkuru

Middlesex County

Song: A Fighter

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