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Stephen Sayegh

Monmouth County

Song Title
Sugarcoated Overdoses

Music Lyrics

Cold lips Dry lips, Pale face Red eyes Black, white, he lies “I'm gonna be okay” Will he be okay? Run down Shut down, thin hair Cracked nails Blackmail, She fails To be okay, Will she be okay? The United States of sugarcoated The United States of overdoses We’re not okay We wanna be okay Cold sweat No breath, Tear tracks Turn back Get help, He’ll try To be okay ‘Cause he’s not okay Withdrawls Morals, Cold hands One goal Control, She cries “She wants to be okay” Will she be okay? The United States are sugarcoated This united state of overdoses We wanna be okay We can be okay Warm hands One plan, Hotline Blue skies No pill, he tries To be okay He’s gonna be okay White eyes No lie, red lips Blue skies Not high, We think There’s gonna be a day She’s gonna be okay The United States of allied dreamers The United States of bloodline keepers We’re gonna be okay We’re gonna find our way We’re gonna be okay

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Stephen Sayegh is a 15-year-old high school Music Technology major.  Along with piano, he plays guitar, ukulele, tuba, harmonica and produces music.  He is super excited to share his music with you.

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