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Corey Stark, Uriel Ministro, Veronica Rose Birchak, Joseph Stecher

Union County

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Time Slipped Away

Music Lyrics

Early years, no real direction Nothing bad, and no commotion Middle school soccer star Making friends teachers say you’ll go far New school, new friends, new lifestyle Change of pace to forcing a smile Surprise, new guys curveball stand tall Fitting in led to your downfall It wasn’t supposed to happen like this Just a party that was it Joint comes out, they pass it around “Sure I’ll try it” now you’re in the ground Ever since then you wanted more ‘Cuz that one night was a gateway door Heroin, faking grins, stuff the trash bin Living life not knowing where you’ve been All it was, was a matter of time, Out of money and out of time Out of money and out of time Time slipping through your fingers but it’s seeping from your hands You’re the last man standing and I can’t lose my friend In a crowd of speakers blunts and bleachers and I couldn’t be more blunt when I say that it’s eating at ya You’ve just gotta face facts keep your life intact getting back on track This doesn’t have to be the end We can start again But only if you remember Drugs are a serious issue. The majority of teens across the nation are using drugs. Those numbers increase when you look at teenage vaping. Safer than cigarettes doesn’t mean safe. There are still harmful chemicals in e-cigarettes and it often leads to harder drugs. They affect things from grades to social life to your health. Think about all this and realize that drugs are the wrong choice. All it was, was a matter of time, Out of money and out of time Out of money and out of time

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As drugs spread to more teens across the nation, we decided we needed to help stop this from spreading by using music.

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