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Zemirah Noelani Redmond

Passaic County

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I feel all sorts of confusion, For my close friend in need, she wants my help, and she’s begging me, She felt bliss inside her head, she couldn’t even get out of bed, the life that she had, was beyond compared, I remember she was frightened, by the judging eyes around her, but I made a promise, to stay right beside her. And I told if David could beat Goliath, if Zeus can strike a mountain, if the weak can become the great, what is stopping you, from turning and telling that darkness won’t hurt you, won’t beat you, won’t provoke you, it could try but won’t survive, your strength, no tombstone, because you are already awake, no controlling today, the strings ripped away, you control your fate, your laugh, your smile, I haven’t seen that in awhile, cause your breaking through, you can break through, you can break through, what’s next is up to you, don’t cover the scars that you’ve tried to hide, go easy, relax, cause you are, you are breaking free, you are breaking free, finally drug free.

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