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Ethan Freedley & Abby Abello

Warren County

Band Name

Song Title
Lullaby of Lost Dreams

Music Lyrics

Empty promises, whispered in vain Another night, trapped in this chemical rain Yearning for sunshine. A touch. And a hold. Just a story untold, a future grown cold. Don't let the needle be your guide There's a better path, if you open wide Strength within you, the fire to fight Break the chains, you can reclaim your light TIny hand curled up in mine, a warmth that cuts through the frozen night Shoulders slumped heavy, with burdens I bear A future we dreamt of now lost in the air Little one, don’t you cry Daddy’s right here Daddy’s by your side Hit after hit the needle taints your love Laughter replaced by a hollow, haunting shove Crayon dreams on a broken wall The pictures we painted destined to fall I never asked to be a witness in a life full of pain All I ever wanted was a hand to hold in the pouring rain But when the night creeps in And i wipe my tears dry A web of past sin The needles sing a lullaby Little one, dont you cry, Daddy’s right here by your side One day you’ll grow, you’ll spead your wings… But for now those gentle things… Your tiny hand- your gentle sigh Dont worry dear, just close your eyes.

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