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Varsha Gireesh

Mercer County

Song Title
Fever Dreams

Music Lyrics

Don't come to me, I'm hopeless Trying to prove I'm not worthless Pills and bottles lined up on the table I try to get up but I am not able to Get up on my own These drugs won't leave me alone Fever dreams rushing through my brain Smoke and drink gushing through my veins I know it starts as fun and games But then it gets to your brain Hallucinating bout everything I lost Everything but this addiction won't get lost Running on highs and lows, I'm trying Drug's the devil I wish I didn't know Once you get in, you cannot get out Depending on it, you cannot get out Your best bet, stay away from it Do whatever, but don't let it hit I tried, but it's seeping in Save yourself, it's a creeping sin Your heart will give way to it Wreck it up until you finally split Give cash to it, need more of it, more cash to it, until you got no more to give Don't give in, it makes you sick to the brim Paranoid and sad, that's what you'll be If you ever decide to become like me And meet the devil eye to eye It looks like bliss, but I can't deny I'm slowly disintegrating, False happiness is just frustrating So don't choose it.

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