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Alexis Ruiz

Ocean County

Song Title
Say No 2 Drugs

Music Lyrics

Drugs dont bring no happiness Drugs dont bring no happiness Drugs dont bring no happiness Drugs dont bring no happiness Dont do drugs its killing em Be cool, stay away from them Dont need to be part of them Dont need to be one of them Drugs dont bring joy, a deceptive game, They lure with bliss, but end in pain. Chasing highs, a fleeting rush, Leaves hearts hollow, dreams turned to dust. In shadows cast by fleeting highs, Lies the truth that the sparkle belies. A path that twists, a road that bends, Leading to loss, where happiness ends. The laughter fades, the smile cracks, A mirage fades to grim, cold facts. What once was bright, now only harms, As the night grows cold, without any charms. Seek real joy, in love and light, Not in shadows, or endless nights For true happiness, look above, Find your strength, in hope and love. Choose the right path follow the light Choose them drugs then you loose your life No you cannot loose you life You gotta do whats right

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