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Enzo Pimenta & Alex Delgado

Ocean County

Band Name
The Outsidas

Song Title
It's Too Bad

Music Lyrics

Verse 1: (Performed by Alex "AMD" Delgado) What are you doing? Have you become a part of this fad? A fad that takes lives and drives families mad. Have you stopped caring for your folks they only want the best. But narcotics is not the right thing to obsess. About this issue it is hard but you can get some help. 988’s the number to call before you fall. Into an endless cycle where the grim reaper calls. Your body is a temple gotta hold up its walls. I know it seems hard but ditch the pills and injections. Or else you’ll live a sickly life filled with rejections. You like the high hallucinations in to your eyes. But I’m telling you, quit before ascending to the skies. You got friends, family and a life to live. It’s not too late to drop the drugs and self forgive. But if you never take initiative that’s too bad. But think about how everyone you love will forever be sad, yo. Chorus: (Performed by Enzo "XCU$E" Pimenta) (x2) They'll be forever sad and it's too bad that you decided to go down the wrong path in life. And causing yourself useless pain and strife. So before you think about ingesting those pills or sticking that needle into your body. Think about how it'll effect everybody as well as yourself. Protect your health and wealth and wellbeing. And don't let your life go down the drain. Or live your life in vain. Because after all that it'll be too bad. Verse 2: (Performed by Enzo "XCU$E" Pimenta) It’s a shame what drugs can do to you. They can take over your mind and make you waste your time. They’ll take you away from things you love and drive you insane, and it doesn’t matter to the people pushing H on street corners. It’s very disturbing and sad to see. Take it from me I’ve known people who have been personally affected by drug usage, drug abusage. And I can tell you that it’s not a pretty site. To see your older cousin lose his life. This stuff can cause you a lot of strife. It’s very serious. It’ll make you delirious. Even the drugs that you’re prescribed by your doctors. Can make you choke and then you’ll croak. So don’t take this stuff as a joke. Don’t let it break down and make you look like a clown and frown. You gotta get up after being down below. Outro: (Performed by Enzo "XCU$E" Pimenta) Bad, bad, bad it'll be too bad, bad, bad and you'll forever be sad, sad, sad and damaged. That's why you gotta believe and succeed in life. Or else it will be too bad, yeah. It'll forever be too bad.

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