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patersontimes.com - Paterson: 3 John F. Kennedy High School students make it to statewide anti-drugs music competition

April 23, 2019


A John F. Kennedy High School trio’s anti-marijuana rap song is among the finalists in a statewide high school substance abuse prevention music competition.

Jayden Cornish, Travis Anderson, and Andre Gardner’s band, Knight Time, earned the selection as the Passaic County finalist in the 15th annual New Jersey Shout Down Drugs high school music competition sponsored by the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey.

A panel of judges selected their song “Our Story (Weed Ain’t Right)” as the top entry from the county. The boys were challenged to create an original song with lyrics that discouraged adolescent drug use. Their song is about a friend, who began smoking marijuana to relax, but ended up purchasing pot that was laced with angel dust.

“This ain’t the life for the days. Stop smoking before you end up in a grave,” reads the lyrics for the song.

The boys will perform their song at the Mastrobuono Theatre in Rutgers University at 7 p.m. on Friday, May 10, 2019. Their song will be among 13 musical acts, produced by 24 students from nine counties, to compete for $10,000 in music contracts at the concert.

“The 2018 New Jersey Shout Down Drugs participants have displayed not only creativity and musical talent, but also determination to make a difference in the lives of their peers by using their talent to spread important messages of prevention,” said Angelo Valente, executive director for Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey. “Shout Down Drugs is unique, because it allows young people to be leaders in a positive and creative way. It’s a wonderful opportunity for these teens to inspire their peers with their passionate messages of substance use prevention.”

The competition’s website, Shout Down Drugs, features profiles of all the finalists. It also allows the public to vote for their favorite songs. Vote results will factor into which musical act wins the competition.

Deadline to vote is May 9.

Listen to Jayden Cornish, Travis Anderson, and Andre Gardner’s song “Our Story (Weed Ain’t Right)” by clicking here.

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